As a fully-integrated medical marijuana company, Ilera Healthcare fuses science and innovation to discover life-changing therapies. Our world-class cultivation and extraction methods are expertly designed to create quality, consistent medicine. From seed and soil to dispensary shelves, Ilera is committed to providing a superior health and wellness experience.


Ilera hand-selects the healthiest plants that show strong genetic promise.


By thoughtfully scanning and evaluating the mature plants, we ensure only the healthiest continue to the drying room.


Plants are HUng To Dry in Our climate-controlled Drying ROOm. THis Process Helps tO preserve the Distinct flavors and aromaS Of Individual Strains.


Ilera is committed to being BHO-FREE. In order to provide our patients with the highest-quality, cleanest medicine possible, we do not use butane or hash oil in any of our products. Instead, we utilize CO2 extraction, a healthier, cleaner, and more environmentally-responsible extraction method.

c02 extraction
ethanol extrACTION

analyze + test

Our in-house HPLC testing and analytics allow us to determine cannabinoid potency in order to formulate consistent, quality medicines. This goes beyond state-mandated testing requirements.


Our extraction methods do not introduce foreign cutting agents, such as butane or hash oil.

Our products are formulated by applying a clean, CO2 extraction process that captures and preserves the various plant compounds. Our clean techniques do not use butane to make BHO. Instead, we allow the plants’ natural oils to serve the same role. Ilera’s extraction takes our sustainably-grown plants and transforms them into their purest form, free of inactive substances or cutting agents like Polyethylene Gylcol (PEG).


Ilera utilizes the latest in computerized weighing and packaging technology, ensuring accuracy and consistency in producing medicine.